Yousei Suzuki
The Town where a Star Falls
1. Sarutobi 0:27
2. Nearby Forest 2:01
3. Tuji Mukou 1:19
4. To That Park 7:02
5. The Riverside 3:56
6. In The Box 1:55
7. Tuji Mukou2 2:42
8. Rain Drop 0:48
9. The River & Twin Tower 1:25
10.Thirty to Zero 2:31
11.Until Night Ends 3:37
12.The Garden of The White Rose 1:22
13.The Town Where a Star Falls 7:30
14.Remember 4:42
15.Good Night Sleep 1:26

The small music collection recorded by a documentary method.
I imagine "the town where a star falls" and am made.
Solo performance of an acoustic guitar, an electric guitar and a piano.
Free download is released from a label in Kyoto "DEAREAR".
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